Wine & Sugar: Myths and Truths

If you’re reading this, you probably love wine, are health-conscious and care about smart choices.  You’ve probably ran across this before as well:  Grapes make wine. The grape is a fruit.  Fruit has sugar.  Sugar is bad.

What you also probably know, is that the above is not 100% accurate.  It’s not whether something that has sugar is bad - but how much.  So we thought it would be fun to discuss this topic, and see what the fuss is all about.

MYTH #1:  dry wines and red wines don’t have sugar

The reality is, all naturally produced wines have sugar.  In a (very small) nutshell, wine is made by crushing grapes and fermenting its juice - called must.  During the fermentation process, some of the sugar turns to alcohol, which is why we love drinking wine.  Whatever is leftover and doesn’t turn to alcohol, is called Residual Sugar (RS).  When it comes to sugar content in wine, the question is how much sugar remains in the bottle.

TRUTH #1:  a single glass of wine could hold more sugar than a Starbucks Grande Latte

It’s almost hard to believe.  But some popular Italian wines can have more sugar in a single, 5oz glass serving than an entire Starbucks 2% Milk Grande Latte - and that’s 18 grams!

Wine vs. Latte

MYTH #2:  all sweet-tasting wines are high in sugar

It is true that you can expect a wine that is packed with sugar will probably taste really sweet.  But not all sweet-tasting wines are high in sugar.  There is a difference between actual sweetness and perceived sweetness.  You see, if you start with really high quality grapes, that quality under the careful watch of a talented winemaker, can be transferred directly to the wine.  This type of wine results in what many call a fruity or floral style.  The grapes are such high quality, you can actually “taste the fruit” in the wine. Your taste buds perceive the fruitiness of the wine as sweet.

TRUTH #2:  Skinny Bkinny wines are low in sugar

You’ve got it!  Our Red Blend and Light White wines carry only 1g sugar per 5oz serving - that’s 50% less sugar when compared to some of the most popular, best-selling wines in the US.  Our Bubbles is called a Brut sparkling, with only 1.5g sugar per serving - that’s 71% less when compared to a best-selling US sparkling.  Best of all, we don’t sacrifice taste or the wine drinking experience.

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Skinny Bkinny